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      It doesnt happen often to see drama flamenco performance. Bright gripping story about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is presented by talented group of artists managed by Natalya Zaikova choreographer and winner of numerous competitions. Dialog between artists and audience happens by means of dance and live music absolutely international language! Flamenco musical & dancing performance Frida is devoted to the life story of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The plot is about the personality, life and art works of the artist. The performance is accompanied by live Spanish, Mexican and Authors music and songs. The performance tells us about difficult and tragic life of the talented Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Bad accident had influenced the rest of her life and become a reason of making her such amazing paintings. Her works tell us about the most important things in her life: beloved man, not being born children; in her paintings one can find her thoughts aboutinevitability and see strength of her will. Natalya Zaikova acted in the work as a director-choreographer and the leading character. She managed to tell the story of life and tragedy by means of dance plasticity and flamenco music. One can see typical Spanish dance and at the same time the story tells us about Mexican culture, about bright woman who wore extravagant folk dress. The creators of the performance have organically combined both of the cultures. - There is no contradiction that, dancing, I enter into an image of the person who most part of her life has been limited in movement, - Natalya tells. - and though action corresponds to the biography of the artist, I dont show the events, but I dance her pain, despair, pleasure, resoluteness, hardness. For me Frida first of all is the strong woman in the history of which I take strength to love life, even when it seems absurd. Frida is performed with accompaniment of live music: guitar, vocal, piano, violin, percussion. Requisite is not so diverse, but very expressive; also, the projection of her painting and diary is used. The length of the performance is 1h 30 min. For more then a year the performance was shown in the theaters of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow (Russia) and have always been sold out. Natalya Zaikova the author and producer; a dancer, leading character Konstantin Frolov a dancer Tatiana Shishkova vocal (Moscow) Vladimir Slobodin guitar; authors music AlexeyParfenov guitar Serjio Konjaev percussion Vyacheslav Kuskov clavier Olga Belyaninova palmas